Ingane Yami is an isiZulu word meaning “My Child”.

At Ingane Yami Children’s Village we believe that every life is precious to God and that each life that is broken and without hope can be restored. Ingane Yami exists to see each child’s story rewritten.

Our mission statement is to rescue children, rebuild families, restore lives, release leaders.


The vision was birthed from the heart of Kloof Harvest Church Senior Pastors Roger and Yvonne Greig, who, in 2007, saw first-hand the devastating effects of the HIV/Aids crisis through the life of their domestic worker Jayne. God began to stir in Yvonne’s heart with the resounding question “Yvonne, what about the children!?” The answer came later that year when God connected her with the Watoto Children’s Village in Uganda; which now serves as the basis of our Children’s Village model.


Ingane Yami is a permanent, loving home. We believe there is no substitution for the love of God and the nurture of a mother; and these children deserve to grow up knowing what that is. That is why our Village consists of individual homes; each belonging to a carefully selected foster mother and six children. These homes are supported holistically- with an on-site school and preschool where children receive education that meets them where they are at; a community centre that serves as an outlet to the surrounding Dassenhoek community. A clinic (to come) where they will be sufficiently taken care of; and an office with support staff including a Village Pastor, Village administrator, and other committed team members.


At Ingane Yami they are not just a faceless number, but they are a prized and cherished individual, who God knows by name.


Restoration of Hope Ministries  is a registered PB and welfare organisation, under which Ingane Yami children’s village is an outreach program